Parker McMullin

Hey there! I'm a full-stack web developer for Success Engine LLC. I am currently working on a VoIP SaaS startup. My preferred stack would be Laravel or Node for server-side and Vue or React on the client-side.

A Little About Me

I love my life. 😁 I have a hard-working and fun wife. My 1 year old daughter is hilarious and surprises us all of the time. I have a newborn baby boy who we are getting to know and love.

If anyone is interested in my hobbies- I enjoy a good book (usually in the Fantasy Fiction or Self-Help genres) such as the Wheel of Time series, the Mistborn series, The Pragmatic Programmer, The Nature of Code, etc. I research new inventions and try to be up to speed on how they work. My overall favorite thing to do, which honestly takes up most of my time, is hanging out with my family.

I feel like I can relate to many other devs out there who LOVE to code and try new things but yet feel exhausted by it at the same time. There’s a constant drive to study and build that is never satisfied- maybe I’m a code addict? 😉

What I Do

I have an education in Linux and Networking Administration, but my passion is in web application development. Put the two together and BAM! Hopefully something cool..

Recently, my focus has been in mixing VoIP technology with the advancing capability of the web, such as WebRTC, SPAs, PWAs, and API archetecture. This has been very fun and very challenging as I get into some uncharted territory.

I also get some chances to share my time and code with others- I really appreciate the altrustic nature of our web development community, so I try to give back. Below are some of my public ventures.

Coda JS

An eloquent Node API for interacting with your Coda Docs. See the package source here.

Vim Gym

Vim is my daily editor. I love the capability and customization- my peers think it's magic! It's surprisingly simple, once you get involved. This project is to create a bunch of contained exercises with varying difficulty levels. Check it out here.


Another thing I try to help out with is documentation. Some people think I have a knack for words and simplicity, so I sometimes contribute to documentation repos to help fellow readers digest the content more easily.

Get in touch

Reach out if you would like more information on any of my work (even some private work can be discussed) or you're interested in chatting! I'm friendly enough.